We are a team of problem solvers and creative thinkers who enjoy working openly and collaboratively with clients, builders and makers that share our passion for thoughtful, considered architecture.


We are underpinned by a focus on strengthening communities and positively impacting people’s lives.

We work at various scales, carefully designing places and spaces that consider the people and communities who will use them.

We embrace new technologies and modern construction methods to create better-performing, low-energy buildings that are human-centred and environmentally responsible.

We acknowledge that every project is unique, so we will always tailor our approach to meet a brief or respond to a site.

We strive towards becoming a more socially responsible, diverse and inclusive architecture practice that better represents the people and communities we work with.

We are an ARB registered, and RIBA chartered practice, signatories of the Mayors Diversity Pledge and members of the Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB).


Design & Delivery
By taking time at the start of a project to understand a client’s value system, we can identify project objectives that aren’t always limited to time-cost-quality. Instead, desired outcomes are often more nuanced or specific, especially when local communities and stakeholders are involved.

Our approach places clients and stakeholders at the centre of the decision-making process. By leading the design conversation and encouraging our clients to be ambitious, we ensure the process is a collaborative one.

Our goal on every project is to design and deliver functional, cost-efficient, sustainable buildings that surpass expectations.

Sustainability & Wellbeing
We want to impact the built environment positively, but we also want the buildings we design to positively impact the physical health and mental well-being of the people who use and occupy them.

By adopting a consistent approach to environmentally responsible design, we integrate effective solutions into every aspect of our decision-making process to create healthy, comfortable, human-centred environments.

Working with Clients and Stakeholders
We believe that the process of working with clients and stakeholders needs to be ‘designed’ with the same level of planning, consideration and enthusiasm as the building.

Developing a good collaborative working relationship with all parties involved is crucial, ensuring their involvement in decision-making is demonstrated through design and that their inputs, ideas and hopes are manifested in a scheme.



We design all of our buildings to surpass current building regulations and are committed to maximising thermal performance and minimising operational energy. Careful consideration is given to selecting materials and construction methods with off-site prefabrication, and timber structures prioritised to reduce embodied energy.

As an architecture practice, we are continually learning and gaining knowledge of how to create better-performing, more sustainable buildings, spaces and places. Understanding how the buildings we design are used and perform once occupied makes us better equipped to address the climate challenge through socially and environmentally responsible design.

We take a holistic project-specific approach when considering which renewable technologies might be suitable for a project. We acknowledge that budget and ongoing cost constraints need to be factored in when specifying systems and technologies.

As certified Passivhaus Designers, we are committed to incorporating the fundamental principles of Passivhaus into every project, creating energy-efficient, comfortable, healthy and cost-effective buildings that benefit clients and users.

Paper House Project is a signatory to both the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge and the Architects Declare Pledge. Paper House Project Director James Davies is a Certified Passivhaus Designer and member of the International Passivhaus Association, The Green Register, and Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB).



James Davies

James is a Certified Passive House Designer and ARB registered architect, having gained his degree and masters in architecture at The Bartlett, UCL. Prior to founding Paper House Project in 2012, James worked at Eric Parry Architects in London and the Office for Metropolitan Architecture in New York where he was involved in a number of high-profile and award-winning civic and commercial projects.
Senior Project Architect

Cristina Serrano

Cristina gained her master’s degree at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Seville, Spain. Having previously worked at Arrigoni Architects and Andrew Dobson Architects in London, Cristina has extensive experience delivering multi-unit residential and mixed-use development projects.
Project Architect

Anna Melson

Anna graduated with a first class Architectural masters degree from Oxford Brookes University in 2017, where she received the Ackroyd Lowrie Award for Best Female Project. Anna has worked in the UK and China on a range of projects from large-scale housing developments to smaller interior renovations, gaining experience from inception to completion of schemes.
Project Architect

Olivia Ebuné

Olivia joined Paper House Project in 2020, after gaining both her degree and masters at Newcastle University. Olivia has experience in the commercial and industrial sector and is interested in exploring the role of community engagement and how this informs socially engaged and design-led practice.



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